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Baidu (Nasdaq: BIDU) | Company Profile, History, Competitors

Baidu (NASDAQ: BIDU) is one of the leading Chinese internet companies with the number one position in search engine, Baidu is also a pioneer in AI technology and uses it within the various segments of their business. Baidu was founded by Robin Li in 2000.

Business Overview

Baidu has three main segments:
  • Search: Baidu has the leading position in Chinese search engine with greater than 70% market share in China. Baidu is the number one mobile search player in China, with its app pre-installed in over 80% of Android handsets. Baidu's mobile app has over 600 million MAUs with the average user opening it 6 times a day and 30 minutes per day. 
  • Transaction Services: This division includes Baidu Nuomi, Baidu Takeout Delivery, Baidu Maps, Baidu Connect and Baidu Wallet. Baidu is the number three player in food delivery in China. Baidu is the number one player in Maps in China. Baidu Nuomi is the second leading player in group buying.
  • Video: Baidu operates the number one video property (iQiyi) in China. iQiyi has over 500 million MAUs in China and is the latest growing ahead of Tencent Video and Youku.

Additional Baidu Projects

Baidu is an early mover in autonomous driving. Baidu released the Apollo platform in 2017 and collaborated with over 8,000 developers and 90 partners. These partners include BAIC, Bosch, Continental, Intel, Nvida, NXP and Renesas. Apollo plans to be applicable in highways and open city roads by 2020. Baidu is designated by the China government as the preferred national autonomous driving platform with commercial production in 2018 to 2021.

Baidu Cloud
Baidu provides public cloud services to enterprise customers as well as AI services. Baidu is behind Alibaba and Tencent and expects to ramp up cloud computing over time.

Baidu Finance
Baidu provides asset management services through its Baidu App and Baidu FInance. Baidu provides recommendations on appropriate credit products to users such as money market funds and fixed income products.


Robin Li (CEO): Robin Li is the co-founder of Baidu. He has been CEO since 2004 and President from 2000-2003. Prior, he was an engineer at Infoseek, an internet search engine company. 

Herman Yu (CFO): Herman Yu has served as CFO since September 2017. Prior, he served as CFO of Weibo, a social media company in China and worked at SINA Corporation.


 $ USD in millions     2013     2014  2015  2016  2017
 Revenues  $5,196  $7,962  $10,565  $10,624  $12,564 
 Gross Profit  $3,330  $4,896   $6,195   $5,311   $6,185 
 Operating Profit)  $1,821  $1,820   $1,385   $1,513   $2,345 
 Net Income $1,706  $1,883  $2,367   $1,759   $2,114 
 EPS  $4.87   $5.35   $6.76   $5.06   $6.05