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Dean Foods (NYSE: DF) | Company Profile, History, Competitors


Dean Foods (NYSE: DE) is the largest milk processor and direct-to-store distributor of fluid milk in the US. Dean Foods has roughly 36% market share of the US fluid milk in 2017. The company was founded in 1925 and headquartered in Dallas, TX.

Dean Foods was founded by Samuel Dean in 1925. Today, it is the largest dairy company in the United States and sells under brands Dean's, Friendly's, TruMoo, Meadow Gold and Tuscan.

Business Overview

Dean Food's chief raw material is unpasteurized milk. Raw milk represents 60% of total cost of goods sold. Dean's manufacturing process creates excess butterfat as a byproduct. This is sold as bulk cream.

Dean Foods purchases milk monthly at the Class 1 Mover rate set by the USDA with some adjustments for regional differences. Dean Foods contracts allows them to adjust their pricing on private label milk at the end of every month. Dean Foods has roughly been able to pass through >50% of raw material cost fluctuations to consumers.

Manufacturing & Distribution

As of 2017, Dean operates 65 manufacturing sites in 31 states. 

The majority of their manufacturing facilities also serve as distribution facilities.


The company's largest customer is Walmart, which accounted for 18% of sales in 2017. The company's top five customers accounted for 32% of sales in 2017.


Dean's faces competition from private label brands and vertically integrated retailers.


Ralph Scozzafava (CEO): Ralph Scozzafava has been CEO since 2017. Prior, he was COO and CCO of Dean Foods. Before that, he was CEO of furniture Brands.

Jody Macedonio (CFO): Jody Macedonio has been CFO since 2018. Prior, she was VP of Finance & Planning at Sun Products.


 $ USD in millions    2013    2014 2015 2016 2017
 Revenues $9,016 $9,503 $8,121 $7,710 $7,795 
 Gross Profit $1,855 $1,674  $1,974  $1,985  $1,821 
 Operating Profit $131 $9  $93  $264  $83 
 Net Income $831 ($20)($9)$120 $62 
 EPS$8.58 ($0.22)($0.09)$1.31 $0.67