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US Foods Holding Corp. | Company Profile, History, Competitors


US Foods Holding Corp. (NYSE: USFD) is a foodservice distributor in the United States. It was founded in the 1800s and headquartered in Rosemont, IL.

USFD distributes over 350,000 SKUs of food and non-food products to 250,000 customer locations in the United States. Customers include restaurants, hospitals, hotels, colleges and retailers.

Distribution and Logistics

USFD has 65 distribution facilities in the United States. USFD also owns 6,000 trucks.

USFD being a larger player benefits from fixed cost leverage, more efficient distribution centers and improved route density.


US Foods dates back to the 1800s following the merger of Rykoff and Sexton. In 1997, Rykoff-Sexton merged with JP Foodservice to become US Foodservice.

In 2000, Dutch food retailer Royal Ahold acquired US Foodservice. In 2007, US Foodservice was acquired by private equity firms Clayton, Dubilier and Rice and KKR.

In 2011, the company rebranded itself to US Foods. In 2013, the company entered into an acquisition agreement with Sysco, which was ultimately terminated due to FTC antitrust issues.

In 2016, US Foods completed a public offering under ticker USFD.


Its main foodservice competitors are Sysco and Performance Food Group Company.


Pietro Satriano (CEO): Petro Satriano serves as CEO since 2015. Prior, he served as President of LoyaltyOne Canada and EVP of Loblaw Brands. He had also worked as a consultant at The Boston Consulting Group and The Monitor Company.

Dirk Locascio (CFO): Dirk Locascio serves as CFO since 2017. Prior, he worked at United Airlines, Bank One, Deloitte & Touche LLP and Arthur Andersen LLP.


 $ USD in millions    2013    2014 2015 2016 2017
 Revenues $22,297 
 Gross Profit $3,823 
 Operating Profit $321
 Net Income($57)

US Foods Holding Corp.
  Ticker     NYSE: USFD
  Industry Food
  Founded 1800s
  Headquarters Rosemont, IL
$24,147mm (2017)
  Employees 23,355 (2017)