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World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE: WWE) | Company Profile, History, Competitors


World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE: WWE) is a global media company that focuses on professional wrestling. WWE was founded in 1980 by Vince McMahon.

WWE is an entertainment brand for professional wrestling. It hosts over 500 live events a year. The company sells its content through live television, ticket sales, brand licensing and film studios.

Business Overview

WWE has four main operating segments:
  • Media (65% of 2017 Revenues): Sale and distribution of WWE video content through various platforms.
  • Live Events (18% of 2017 Revenues): WWE stages roughly 500 events per year and earns ticket sales revenue.
  • Consumer Products (14% of 2017 Revenues): WWE licenses its brand and sells merchandise at WWE events and its website
  • WWE Studios (3% of 2017 Revenues): WWE products movies featuring WWE stars

Media Segment

WWE's Media segment is divided into four subsegments.
  • Network: WWE sells subscriptions for its OTT service, which has 1.5 million paid subscribers in 2017. 
  • Television: WWE licenses its weekly Raw and SmackDown programs to traditional television providers. 
  • Home Entertainment: WWE sells video content on DVD, Blu-ray and digital downloads
  • Digital Media: WWE distributes video content on its websites and third party sites such as Facebook and YouTube

Live Events Segment

WWE sells tickets and travel packages for live events. The storylines are developed on the weekly television shows, which builds into marquee monthly live events. WWE also holds many other live events in the United States and internationally. WWE hosts over 500 live events per year.

Consumer Products Segment

WWE's Consumer Products segment is divided into three subsegments:
  • Licensing: WWE receives royalty fees for WWE branded products. WWE licenses its brand for video games with Take Two Interactive and toys with Mattel.
  • Venue Merchandise: WWE sells merchandise at live events
  • WWE Shop: WWE sells merchandise on its website WWE Shop 

WWE Studios Segment

WWE distributes filmed content, which includes movies for theaters, home video and television.


Vince K. McMahon "Vince" (CEO): Vince has been the CEO of WWE since it was founded in 1980.

George Barrios (Co-President): George Barrios has been Co-President since 2018. Prior, he was Chief Strategy & Financial Officer. He has also worked at Netsilicon, Praxair and New York Times. 

Michelle WIlson (Co-President): Michelle Wilson has been Co-President since 2018. Prior, she was Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer of WWE..

Stephanie McMahon Levesque (CBO): Stephanie has been Chief Brand Officer of WWE since 2013. Prior, she held various roles at WWE, including EVP of Creative Writing and Account Executive in Sales.


 $ USD in millions    2013    2014 2015 2016 2017
 Revenues $508 $543 $659 $729 $801 
 Gross Profit $185 $165 $262 $342 $330 
 Operating Profit $6 ($42)$39 $56 $76 
 Net Income$3 ($30)$24 $34  $33 
 EPS$0.04 ($0.40)$0.32 $0.44 $0.43